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Conditions and Cost

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First Appointment:

Our initial consultation lasts for 2 sessions (2x50 min) and is invoiced at the regular rate without deductions due to its importance. It is comprehensive, clear, and goal-oriented.

Costs & Payment Terms:

  • Psychotherapy session (50 min): €110 (VAT exempt)

  • Individual coaching session (50 min): €162 (including 20% VAT)

Sessions with private individuals are paid in cash immediately following the therapy/coaching session.

Sessions on behalf of companies can be paid either in cash at the end of the session or via bank transfer (payment term: 14 calendar days).


Appointment Scheduling & Cancellation Policy:

It is important to me to offer suitable appointment times for each patient.

Scheduled sessions must be canceled no later than 48 hours in advance.

If the cancellation is not made or not made in a timely manner, the session will be invoiced at half of the hourly rate.


Please contact your respective insurance or supplementary insurance provider to inquire about whether and how much reimbursement you may be eligible for.

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