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"Hypnosis alleviates pain, reduces psychological distress, and promotes quicker recovery after surgical procedures" - that is the result of a meta-analysis conducted by psychologists from Jena and Leipzig, examining the effectiveness of hypnosis in the context of surgical interventions.

"The provision of relaxation, pain reduction, and fast, uncomplicated wound healing are the focus. In the analysis of the studies, hypnosis proved to be an effective intervention, contributing to the reduction of patients' fears and stress, alleviating pain, and promoting recovery after the procedure."

(Mareike Holler)

"Hypnosis not only accelerates healing but also ensures a more pleasant healing experience (reduced perception of pain, less need for pain medication, etc.).

The more optimal the regeneration progresses, the faster one becomes ready for their everyday life and beloved hobbies, which is why clinical hypnosis is a very wise choice."

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